Hello world!

Bolivia con Italianos

And there I was traveling with a group of nice people again! After we met on the barge/boat between Manaus and Porto Velho I asked if it would be a nice idea to spend some time together in Bolivia. And it would. It was actually!

Matheus, Thommaso, Catherina, there cool model brother from the Big Apple Timothée (who came later), and two of there (girl)friends. All very Italian :) so I was not allowed to eat pasta (only in Italy). They inspired me big time to make travel plans with my sister too, it’s a great idea to spend time traveling with your siblings!

We went on a four day trekking in the mountains near La Paz, a place called Condoriri (the mountains looks like a condor, that is if you reach a certain height, which we did not).

Bolivia, for westerners, is extremely affordable, for a three day hike, including food, guide and transportation we paid 630 Bolivianos, which is like 80 euro. Going out for diner here costs about 8 euro (incl. drinks) and a coke on the street is between 1 and 3 Bob, 20 to 40 cents.. On top of that they have all modern facilities, accept for toilet paper in many places.

The tour was fantastic, we were the first group ever that asked for fire wood and we enjoyed the full (blue) moon twice at high altitude (we spend the nights at around 4.600 meter, the highest point we reached was (6 J’s at) 5.100 meter, the Mont Blanc is 4.810 meter).

Wouw! After La Paz we left for Cochabamba; the city of eternal spring. My friends went on to fetch there friends arriving from Europe and travel on to Peru, I choose to stay here and study Español. But more about that in the next (Dutch) post. Enjoy the pics below!