Hello world!

Not a ‘how to’ for making chairs in the woods ;)

Often while writing I realize I didn’t take the exact pictures I would have liked in order to show the´how to´ or maybe for what the surrounding looks like. It makes that my pictures often just give another story as the writings. I like that but I do now also try to make more pictures for the touristic sake of it. Very handy when you would like to show how to make chairs with just an axe, saw, hammer and some nails when you find yourself sitting on the floor in the forest.

I am in La Esmeralda with Kim and Jasmijn. What a wonderful countryside here, you walk thru places that feel and look like the north of Holland and the Islands, right into the Veluwe (sand dunes and pine trees). Next are the Mediterranean and after you feel like being in the middle of France (see pictures next post). And I find such a nice pace to life here, a great surrounding to find some inner rest.

The woods here are amazing and – as Kim showed me this week – full of wonderful materials. So I started to make some chairs, seats and horses (stands to work on) for the upcoming construction of there house here. Here are the results.

Also you see some pictures of the camp, my tent is in the back. Shade is paramount here and I found a place under some bushes. On the right side there are the well, the water tower and shower. And what a shower, after not having one for several days (Kim and Jasmijn for several weeks) it is a blessing :)