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Life on Kobu, living with NovuTierra

I was on Kobu now for a good six weeks, including our trip to Cabo Pollonio. It’s a different world all together, for many it might not be something to even think about, for me it’s a dream come true.

I’m back in Montevideo for a few weeks to work on my new business (alleenopreismetchiel – to assist people that want to travel alone but don’t manage to leave or have fear to get stuck on the road). And to zoom out (again), have a little contrast to the happening with NovuTierra and write this blogpost.

(Update; also a project came in, I’m building a bathroom with Niklaus, a friend here from Switzerland who works as an independent constructor, finally some budget for warm clothes!)


Looking back at my trip so far I always perceived it more as a pilgrimage than a fun-trip of crossing country’s of a list. The payoff of my site says ‘life is amazing’ and it is in this light that I’m traveling around the world. To Uruguay, New Zealand, India and everything in between. Now, after some 18 months I firmly arrived at the first destination and I know now also why it was/is Uruguay.

There is a lot I believe in. A whole lot to be true. Like (almost) everything until proven otherwise. It’s a strategy that brought me far and also one that helps me to stay open to everything that can happen in life. Many people operate with a motto that is more like “first I need to see, then I (might) believe”. I feel that first I have to believe, than I can start to see. Believing being more a form of trust as supposed to being an activity that takes an effort.

Anyway, a dream came true. I found a mystery school. A happening guided by alive awakened people; Pan, Lala and Shakti, based on the ideas of Osho, Gurdjieff, Wilhelm Reich (documentary and movie) and others. Some may know I did a lot of emotional bodywork (based on the same principals) before. This place I found here is the far out logical next step in that process.

That feeling – that conclusion – came immediately when I met the people here. It was also fueled by ideas and ambitions that formed earlier in the journey, when I discovered that in any country people are just as lost or brainwashed. Could I learn about and be of assistance in the human insanity? Maybe not so much (anymore) to change it but more to grow, enjoying what we have created so far and learning how to bring it further. Maybe without suffering, war, debt, etc. Things we don’t like but accept. Can I learn to transform and not just accept?

To walk a spiritual path, to find my true potential, to discover the nature of the human being; it has always been my interest and (more or less explicitly) a fantasy to study intensively. Learning profoundly about consciousness and freedom, the two ever repeating themes/fascinations in my life. And this trip lead me straight into a place that answers to so many wishes and desires. Then what to do?

What is a mystery school?

It’s a place where people live together to support each other in their inner journey. There have been many such places around the world and there still are. Many are based on old traditions but some, starting with e.g. Osho, Reich and Gurdjieff, are based on modern ideas and practices. In this case here it takes the form of a spiritual commune.

The closeness of living together in combination with constant inner-work creates the intensity needed to really overcome / break through ones inhibitions, challenges, etc. To find happiness, bliss and the trust that life takes care of you. That is what we learn, practice, study here.

It’s scary to write about. To share with family and friends. What is your reaction going to be? A good friend said to me that while many people seek for meaning and direction in life, not many write about it when they find it. Because of fear. It inspired me to do write about it. Not knowing in what direction but at least (as much as I dare and am able to wrap my head around right now) openly. You are reading this right now :)

So I live in a commune now. That’s what it practically implies. In stead of reading Herman Hesse, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, etc. or seeing documentaries like What the Bleep do we Know, we practice. In meditation, bodywork and work play. Always the inner work is the priority.

There are three awakened people here. Pan, Lala (both Osho sannyasins, they are now in Germany) and Shakti (lives here). They are freed of there own projections and thus have the clarity to guide this happening without their ego interfering. They create a field in which the inner work, bodywork and meditations are amplified. It all goes like ten times faster then the bodywork I did before. They are the reason this school works and doesn’t turn around an ego, like can be the case in some other spiritual schools.

Then there are 55+ members in the tribe. A part of which lives in one of the three communes in the Netherlands, Germany and here in Uruguay. Here we live with about 19 people, the majority being German and Dutch with also Italy and France represented. And off course people from Uruguay, four and the whole tribe is growing nicely.

What we do

I have to say – even while I’m still discovering what it’s actually about – that everything is constantly changing. The setup, activities, mix of people and daily program. But right now we get up at 06:30 in the morning for the morning meditation (meditations are mostly active, we do silent sitting for a whole hour only sometimes, the western mind seems to be more receptive for bodywork and directed meditations). Then we have a fantastic breakfast in the bush-kitchen and after we work on the big permaculture garden, the new rammed earth house (wiki) with outdoor kitchen and many side projects. To make this overgrazed 40 acres of tundra into a lush paradise. Lunch and dinner are as abundant as breakfast and in the evenings we have sharings (where Pan or Shakti share insights, teachings and suggestions to experiment with on peoples questions, experiences and – if you want to call them – problems) meditations or bodywork sessions. We eat, drink wine, dance. Sometimes there is meat, cake and coffee. We celebrate life and enjoy all it has to offer. It’s not about renouncing the joys of life but to enjoy them abundantly and fully aware.

I love this way of looking, experiencing the world, life. Although the mind plays tricks on one all the time (what am I doing just sitting on this pillow, I should be looking for a job in my country, I cannot be here, people expect me to do other things, etc.), the heart feels the value of this inner work. The gigantic amount of energy and happiness that I feel confirm that every day.

That’s it in a few words. It’s a place where we train awareness, being present, consciousnesses. It expands through daily practice and meditation. To create silence in the mind (which is very practical for the material world, for making and doing stuff but not so much in the inner-work and emotional world) and open up ones sensing and irrational being. And that you have to experience. I have to experience for that matter :)

Really I would love to give more than this bit of an impression of this place. About what happens and what it feels like. But this is only the outer. The real thing is the journey inside. It’s experimenting, experiencing. It’s doing, an inner-play to face your fears, train your awareness, make your system more sensible and receptive, expand consciousness. And while that happens we work a bit in the outer (it’s amazing what huge amount of work you can get done in this setting, really AMAZING) and create a beautiful comfortable place. Where everybody that is interested and feels a resonance is and will be welcome.

What does it look like?

Well I took some pictures as you can see in this post. Also in this post there are some and in the future I’m sure I’ll upload some more. Because for now, being at Kobu is what I want. There, once it’s launched, I can also work on my new business and earn / save some money. To live here and to see more of South America (with my sister!).

Below I added two links about the happening NovuTierra. Maybe you’d like to read a bit more or feel some of the words and pictures from Pan and the people in the Tribe!

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