Hello world!

It’s a school


That it is possible to have access to ones full potential, full energy, full happiness
Is an idea I was almost born with
A possibility in life
That, ones the opportunity to learn is there, is found
It is easy to answer to


As far as I now understand
The highest, most creative objective in living
Is to wake up
Into that reality
That is so well, commonly, hidden by the clever mind


As a reward – a natural principle – all dreams, whishes, desires come true, are fulfilled
The magic of existence
That life takes care of you
You trust and everything comes on your path
Love, people, food, materials, work, money, knowledge


To find a place
A school
A happening where this is taught
Where one can learn this art of living
Is such a great gift
Such a logical direction to explore


It exceeds society, family, security
Not abandoned as an offer
But rather moved beyond
Into a new way of living on this planet
Conscious, creative, connected, responsible, healthy, emotionally rich way of living


It’s the happiness that everybody is hoping for
To never worry anymore
An absolutely free life without pain
We all know it exits
But forgot
And now we are worldwide lost
Devoid of knowledge, real teachings to find it


When my heart found the place
To learn to be soul
And not the crazy mind
That this crazy mind is not me in the first place
There was no searching anymore
Just a coming home


I hope you are also open to this journey
To desolve all that is not true
This life or the next
To live a 100 lives in 1
While really truly enjoying to live on this planet in this body
Anytime, anywhere, unconditionally


Now I know it’s possible I can only live it and share with the ones I love
That it is possible
It’s an invitation
To say yes to life!