Hello world!

day 6 of the crossing

Van: “Tyler”

Onderwerp: day 6

Datum: 13 december 2014 14:03:53 CET


It seems weve finally reached the trade winds!  Finally Thje Sun is shining, and were leaving the red haze of the Sahara behind.  From which the boat, not to mention my face, is completely covered in red, brown, desert sand, it looks like we’ve been offroading with Makara.   After our last blow day before yesterday were in calm seas with the sails winged out making our way towards Antigua.  After our last email we continued to have 30-35 kn of wind and eventually peaking in a final glorious gust of 45kn, this went on all day until the sun was setting.  We had 3 reefs in the main, and no jib, and were still doing 8-9 kn and on 3 occasions hit 15.5 surfing down some waves.  The sky seemed to be spinning with very strange wispy, thick, grey and white clouds, I steered away from that towards the sun and upon reaching the edge of the clouds the winds calmed and let us have a good nights rest.  Ever since then its been smooth sailing, and today is our first day of sun!  Even in nice weather yesterday we had some unwanted excitement when the first reef line broke and caused the secondary reef line to put a 3ft tear in the mainsail, ithe wind was only blowing 15-20, but i think the reef was sheeted to tightly and eventually just gave out, bummer, I know.  SO this started a 4 hour arts and crafts session of sewing a patch on the sail,which when was finished at around 3am, left us with a very sturdy mainsail again, tho one with much more character.  Thats about it for now, hopefully the emails will be increasingly boring from now on.  sending All our love.


20 24N  26 54W  550m off the coast of Africa, 2000 to go to Caribbean

heading 250

speed 5-6

wind 10-12E






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