Hello world!

Landing in Saint Martin

Hi folks!

It has been a while already since I wrote and a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Plans to travel south america are taking shape and in this process I realized I am going to need some money also. So I decided to stay in St. Martin for a bit and find some work. That is I as in we! Maria, who I met in Maidera is here also.

We both ended up on the same island after she traveled Morocco, Germany for Christmas and the Dominican republic before the cheapest ticket available brought her here. I myself got to see Antigua, Nevis, St. Kits and Seba. Then the Makara crew and me landed our last destination together; Simson Bay, St. Martin. After a few days and a few party’s, a thorough search by customs and a little warning for some goods on board, some exploring on the island and the first job hunt, winds showed to be good only over night so Tyler, Kasia and Jacob desired to leave in 4 hours (!). That came as a bit of a shock but after a fantastic goodbye meal I felt great that my (as well as Makaras) trip was starting it’s next chapter. I paused on the beach for an hour alone before joining Maria at the place we couchsurfed, ready to take in the full St. Martin experience!


I would not be here if it was not for the work. It is a nice place and the (local) people are great but I long for the jungle and non touristic communities. Places where there are no pretentious people.. I read about places like that and certainly believe in them :-) The ocean, for one, is a place like that to start with. But I’m fine, with all people really, I enjoy meeting each and every one of them!


We made friends! Masoud, from Iran, a fantastic guy who travels a lot (he finished working), hosts couchsurfers and is just as exploring, curious and forward as we are! We hang out and join the local hiking club, eat delicious foods and have super nice conversations. Masoud borrowed us a huge inflatable bed, kitchen stuff and a rug that really (I mean really!!) ties the room together. We have only a few things; most we borrowed, some we bought and we gather a lot from the wild. Like art we make from magazines, a tropical plant (they just grow here! Can you imagine?), cool candle holders from an abandoned resort (where we also threw a BBQ) and cardboard boxes for small tables. It is fantastic!



So Maria and I run around, ask, meet and share. We are both extremely curious and really enjoy the magic around. So curious what the coming days are going to bring. Maria is looking for a bike, I’m looking for jobs. It’s a shore based life for now, another place, a total different experience. And although sometimes lonely (I really miss my friends and sometimes even the strangely comforting winter in Holland) I feel my trip is really starting now. Starting in the sense that… Yeah, what sense.. Well just that I’m really on my way now, finally :)