Hello world!

BBQ (updated photos Belle Creole)

Hey peeps!!

We are throwing a quick an dirty BBQ grill fest this evening in La Belle Créole. It is a abandoned old resort at the beach just around Point au Bluf. Bring meat, booze/beer/cocktails, something to sit on, salad stuff or bread and some lights or candles. Also mini speakers and battery packs are more than welcome, as well as your friends! Although don’t expect fancy resort stuff, the place is fantastacly spooky!

Cruising / sailing people, you can get pretty close with your dingy from within the lagoon. Maybe if you have a BBQ, can you bring it?

People by car, you find a kind of weird parking space on the road from Marigot to Terre’s Basses (west) right before Trou de David (it’s on the part of the road that looks as if you drive right trough the bush). Maybe somebody with a car can bring coals for de BBQ?

The coordinates are N18°4’19” W63°6’53”
We are there somewhere around 1600 hours
So we have some daylight left to set up

Please let us now if you come and what you can bring via text/sms or by giving us a call


Hope to see you later today!!