Hello world!

Caught a cold

My dad told this story when I grew up. During his time in Ivory Coast whenever he got sick he used to go to this local food place to order a pint of beer and the spiciest dish. The next day he would be better!

Which, I now know, is slightly romanticized dad! I find myself in the same situation out here and I’m still ill..

Maybe I didn’t drink enough of the beer part 😉

Update next day: Alright, it only took one day longer, feel much better now! Probably because I’m almost 30 now..!? Turning 29 over weekend :-)

One thought on “Caught a cold

  1. Jan Vaessen Post author

    Congratulations with your birthday Chiel. I read that you even tried my ‘medicine’ that I discovered in the Ivory Cost – West Africa, e.g. very spicy food and a litre of beer. As with homeopathic medicine, it takes a while before your system gets used to it in order to be able to enjoy the benefits. So one day to recover from your cold is very quick. Keep trying, not too often I hope. Love dad