Hello world!

Sailing South? Laidback crew looking to come along to Trinidad / South America

Heading south?

We, Maria (32, German) and Chiel (29, Dutch), are looking for people sailing south to Trinidad / South America. Both traveling (Chiel is hitchhiking around the world, Maria is going where the wind and her guts are taking her), we plan to find a way to Uruguay together.

Now before you read on be aware that we do want (and need) to know what your favourite type of m&m’s is.. As well as your purpose in life! Of course you can expect us to have very clear and direct answers to these questions 😉

As experienced sailors and hitchsailors we are interested in any position, but above that very excited to have a great shared experience: meeting each other, other cultures, food and beautiful places along the route! We hope for a 2 to 4 week trip, ready to leave on short notice.

We’d love to meet you and have a drink, please contact us via mail or phone:

  • Chiel (+1721 5569630)
  • Maria (+1721 5569604)

Also if you (might) know people that are interested, feel free to take a picture (!) of this note and share it!

With love!
Maria and Chiel